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We all know traveling can be stressful at times; waiting for your luggage at the baggage carousel

shouldn’t be! Punch Baggy stickers are easy to apply and an inexpensive way to customize

your existing luggage. Our seriously strong stickers will stay put no matter what surface

you stick them on and will always outlast any traditional bulky tag or ribbon.

Our stickers are designed to complement your luggage in a clean, simple and personalized way while adding maximum visibility for fast and confident identification. Simply add our stickers to the front,

back and sides of your luggage and it'll stand out on the carousel whichever way it lands.

It’s the only way to get in and out of the airport fast!


Quality Vinyl

Durable conforming vinyl with an added layer of UV laminate makes our stickers fade, scratch, tear & water resistant.

High-Tack Adhesive

Our stickers will adhere to any surface thanks to the specially formulated aggressive adhesive.

Smart Design

Our rounded edge design reduces the amount of wear and tear & prevents our stickers from lifting off your luggage.


The best ID system for your luggage!


All Punch Baggy sticker packs contain four bold, eye-catching stickers: (2) 3-inch and (2) 2-inch designs to cover all angles - front, back and sides. These stickers are made to stand out on the carousel, platform, or in a worst-case scenario, when describing your luggage to the lost and found attendant!


We recommend using all four stickers on your luggage, but that’s what makes Punch Baggy so unique. Customizing where and how many stickers you’d like to use is completely up to you. We’re confident no one will ever have the same luggage or sticker combination as you.


Punch Baggy was designed for your luggage, but don't let that stop you from applying them on anything that you want to identify and spot fast! Try us on sports equipment, backpacks, music gear cases, workplace tools, computer laptop bags, lunch bags, hard hat, helmets, or just about any other item that you want to spot quickly.

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Punch Baggy Yellow!


Punch Baggy Blue!


Punch Baggy Pink!


Punch Baggy White!


when you purchase our Punch Baggy Family Pack!


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